Flaming Hurdle Background


This background is 22 x 30 at 300 dpi with 10 customizable layers.  The layered format of the backgrounds gives you the ultimate flexibility to quickly create a unique montage for your client. This background includes the hurdle on it's own layer with a mask that has been "Woodyized" meaning his signature brushwork has been preapplied for you! You can modify this layer however you want to fit your own style, simply by applying different brushstrokes. The layered backgrounds also include the layers that you can customize to fit the school colors.  Each background has a school color layer and a gradient mask layer.  You simply change the color to whatever you want and tweak the opacity and you can create montages in minutes.  This is the perfect companion to the Fire Bundle.

 IMPORTANT:  This must be used with a black or dark colored background.  This is necessary to blend the fire elements.  Please notice that the fire layers are in lighten mode and must stay in lighten mode for proper blending.

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