Due to the digital nature of our products we do not allow refunds.

Where do I download my product?

You should receive an email minutes after purchase that contains a link for you to go to and download your purchase. This email will be sent to the email address listed on your PayPal account. They do occasionally get caught up in your spam filter.


Where is the product that I just downloaded?

When you download a product, it can usually be found in the downloads folder on your computer. Look in this folder for your recent downloads. You can then move this file to wherever you would like to store it.


How do I load brushes into Photoshop?

Here are two past tips of the week that we have done to show you how to load brushes using the Preset Manager.



I can’t get my product to download. What do I do?

If there are any disruptions in your internet connection during a download, you will get an error message and the download will not complete. If you are having trouble with this, the easiest way to complete a download is by using a hard wired internet connection. The download link that we send allows limited attempts. If you are not able to get the download completed in those attempts, send an email to help@templatephotoshop.com and we can authorize additional attempts.


Why do some backgrounds have layers and others don’t?

When we first began, Woody worked with jpeg’s. We have since change to a layered file structure to allow greater flexibility for our customers. If you read the product description before purchasing, it will let you know if the background is a flattened jpeg or has a layered file structure.



For the Fastest Response to Your Question Send an Email To:   help@templatephotoshop.com

Terms of Use for All Products Purchased from Woody Walters Digital Photo Candy


  • Use your purchased downloads in whole or in part to create images/photographs for yourself and for your OWN photography clients for your OWN photography studio. Your purchase allows the use of our tools in the creation of art for ONE STUDIO.
  • Digital files using our design elements must be flattened before given to your photography clients if files are part of the products you offer.


  • Modify, change or resell in part or whole of any of our brushes, backgrounds, overlays, and digital elements.  
  • You may not resell anything to any other entity as a digital element or imaging tool or claim it as your own, either as is or modified or derived from our works.
  • Please contact us if you are a lab, retoucher, or other imaging professional wishing to use our tools to create art/montages/or other photographic products for more than one studio.  You will need a commercial imaging for hire license.  
  • All brushes and backgrounds are property of Wooya Inc. and have been registered with the US Copyright Office.  All rights reserved 2015.  
  • Each offense is punishable by a $30,000 fine per incident.
  • Just do the right thing.
  • We appreciate links and shout outs when you post our images to social media.


QUICK Things to Know About the New Loyalty Program:

  • You need to have an account on this site to be enrolled in the Loyalty Program.  Having an account on our paid subscription website will not allow you to access to the Loyalty Program.  We recommend you set up the login and password to be the same for both sites to cut down on confusion.
  • Visit HERE TO CREATE AN ACCOUNT This link is for new accounts only, please do not duplicate
  • If you are placing an order for the first time, you can opt to set up an account during the checkout process.
  • Discounts automatically begin after you spend $50.  The more you spend the more you save, up to 40%.  If you joined Inside Woody's World you will save 50% immediately after the account is created.  Please allow 24 hours for your invitation to activate your account, as this is done manually.
  • To activate your account, you MUST click the link in the email that is sent.  
  • You must be logged into your account to see & receive the discount.  If you check out without logging in, you will be charged at full price.
  • Your discount will automatically change to the next tier when you hit the spending threshold.
  • Only orders placed through the shopping cart of this site will appear in your account.  Your subscription or other items ordered over the phone will not appear on your account.  However WE WILL MANUALLY ADJUST your account to reflect the total amount you have spent, so you receive the appropriate discount. 
  • The discounts are on everything on this  WE MEAN EVERYTHING ON THIS SITE.


VERY IMPORTANT: If you have a PAID SUBSCRIPTION to Inside Woody's World you will need two log in's. ONE TO SEE AND DOWNLOAD YOUR SUBSCRIPTION MATERIALS AND ONE FOR THIS SITE TO RECEIVE YOUR LOYALTY DISCOUNT. These sites are separate from each other and each require their own log in.  We recommend you set up the login and password to be the same for both sites to cut down on confusion.


That's IT! Please let us know if you need anything. 


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