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What Do Our {EXCLUSIVE GROUP} Members Have to Say?

learn photoshop

Pam Hutchinson  I was always frustrated trying to learn Photoshop and stuck to the easier ‘one click’ software programs. When I found Woody Walter’s site I fell in love with the quality of photos I saw! I cautiously joined for a month but quickly joined for the year! Because of the teachers and all of the tools (videos, brushes, critiques etc.) on this site, I’m constantly inspired and driven to learn and improve. I find myself saying “now look at that” 😉 and I’m just constantly amazed (instead of confused lol) at all I’ve learned. The members are great too and I can’t wait to see what they all post!!


Darlene Pino I love how this group works. Everyone is nice and helpful. I have learned more herein this group, than in any other seminar, online lessons or other groups. This is the place to be to learn more about Photoshop and taking our photography to a higher level than most. I started out cautiously, only paying for the first month; but after that first month, I decided to try a few more months. After that, I realized just how much I was learning and how much more I needed to learn and I switched to the annual plan (which is a HUGE savings, by the way), and I am now about to renew again. I'm still learning. I haven't regretted this decision one bit. I love the monthly contests, as it encourages me to participate in the lesson to be learned, and by this method, I actually learn them; and If I win, I win very valuable useful prizes. Oh, and we get substantial discounts and sometime double and triple discounts on items in the store, which makes the membership worth that alone. We also get free brushes and backgrounds to work with as members of the group. How great is that? I like that we can use our own photographs to learn from, as who wants to use someone else's photos, right? We get to learn at our own pace. Some of us can put in more time than others, some are more talented than me and some less talented than me. But most are just differently talented than me and I love looking at their work. I have learned how to enhance my photographs in such a way that it really elevates my work above all the other photographers in our surrounding area. I am growing as a photographer! I can make an image outstanding now instead of just good. Because of this group, I am able to understand other programs and add them to my bag of goodies that work with Photoshop. Photoshop can be a complicated program to learn because it does so many different things, but Woody Walters makes it simple and easy to learn. I can't thank Woody, Ninya and Chris enough for their supporting me along the way. These are the kindest instructors I have met, and they are great teachers. You won't regret joining.


Floyd Morgan Jr. My photoshop skills have increased 500% since joining this group. I've learned so much more about selections, masking, layers and composites. I also love the free brushes and backgrounds we get and the videos explaining how to use them.


Sandra Miner I really benefit from the student request tutorials. It's so great knowing if I'm struggling with something, I have direct access to asking people who KNOW the answer!! I also like the discounts and freebies we receive as members. The Tip of the Week is awesome and all the tutorials. I do wish the Tip of the Week was archived for us to refer to in the future. I may not have time right then to watch it. All the people in this group are supportive and not critical .. constructive feedback is all positive. Chris has been a wonderful asset to the team! I'm glad I'm here .. It's well worth the monthly subscription. You guys are AWESOME. Keep up the great work!! I'll be seeing Woody in Maine at our MPPA conference. For those who are near New England, come join us!!


Jennifer Danner Since joining Woody Walters group I have learned how to bring my sports photos to life. My sports photos are bringing me in way more money in just a month. My knowledge of PS has increased by 100% and the support is so worth it. I also like the fact that Woody takes the time to do a video giving cc on all our images and creations. Chris does an amazing job of teaching us by video per our request. This is by far the best money I have ever spent that allows me to grow in PS. I can't wait to see where I am a year from now.


Marguerite Turner White I am a new member to the group but have already found it very valuable! Being able to get questions answered and good critique is fabulous!I the tips are so so helpful too! Thank you for the group and all your hard work and help!!


Nancy Brindisi I have been a member since August and I cannot believe how much my photoshop knowledge has increased in only a few months! Both Woody and Chris explain things so clearly and make learning so enjoyable! I am finally comfortable with layers and masks and brushes and I understand how and when to use them! The feedback that Woody gives you as an individual is worth the monthly fee alone not to mention that you also get the 15 Minute Makeover, Woody’s World, Tip of the Week AND free resources!! As awesome as Woody and Chris are I would be remiss if I didn’t mention how friendly and supportive the other members have been. We are all at various stages in our experience and knowledge and we support each other’s journeys. I plan on being a member for a long time ! !


Peg Thompson I was a member for about a year until the end of March, and then I took a hiatus until a couple of months ago. I'm in several photography FB groups, and in one of them, someone recently asked for a good video tutorial on how to make a sports collage. I responded with the following: "Honestly? Join "Inside Wood's World" for a couple of months and watch a lot of videos. It will help a LOT and just give you some ideas and confidence so you know how to start from scratch. If you join the exclusive group, you can also get critiques on your images, which can really help, as well as as you get a discount on tools (brushes, backgrounds, etc.) from the store. Can be a benefit even if you just do it for a few months." My advice was actually seconded by a few other people. :)


Barbara Barrett Hebert I don’t know where to begin!! I’ve taken 2 leisure learning college courses.. actually it was the same course twice because I couldn’t get it the first time.. Still didn’t get it.. struggle to learn for a year or two after that... Frustrated!! Tired of trying.. I knew I could do it but just couldn’t grasp Photoshop!! I know the frustration and tired of trying attitude...I was an Artist with no way to vent!!! THEN!!! I came across Woody Walters' course online and WoW!! What a differences.. Hands on learning and instructions and follow along instructions is so valuable ... it just took a few lessons and everything finally Clicked!!! I don’t know it all.. don’t think I ever will.. but I do know enough to start producing the artwork I wanted!! It is a learning process.. I thank God these are dedicated professionals that really LOVE to teach!!! I’m so Grateful for these Teachers and Artist/Photographers!! The team of Woody Walters- Chris Wooley and Ninya Walters will inspire you to create!! And That’s what it’s All About!! Creating You as a Professional and Person!! The prices are so minimal compared to what you will get out of it and Who you will become!! Wow!! Confidence in my Artistic ability as an Artist is so worth it!! Thank you.


Todd Baker  I am a complete newbie to photography and Photoshop but love art. Somehow in my Facebook fumbling I ran across Learn Photoshop with Woody Walters. I found myself checking new posts several times a day. Later I thought to myself what the heck would it hurt to try the exclusive student group for a month? It"s not to often these days you get your bang for the buck! It was not long after I also joined for a year. Woody WaltersNinya Knipp Walters, and Chris Wooley all go above and beyond! I don't feel like I joined a group but gained a family.

Joan Boice I am a hobby photographer. I joined the group because I was looking for something more to do with my photos other than my digital scrapbooking. I have learned so much since joining the group--way beyond what I thought possible. Woody, Chris and Ninya--you all are great. Thank you.
Deborah Sie: I have grown so much through being in the Woody Walters Exclusive Group with Woody Walters and Chris Wooley. These two guys are amazing teachers. It makes a huge difference to be in a group like this where you get personal attention, your work critiqued and new technique challenges. And I learn a lot from fellow group members! The new Photoshop by request to assist with challenges and interests has been amazing. Hunting down how to do things on the net can be helpful but often find I things are left out leaving me frustrated. It is easy for me to get scattered in many directions. Being in this group helps me to focus, get anchored and make progress. This has been an excellent investment!


Shelia Herbison Martin I've taken a lot of classes from a lot of sites and this is by far the most information and best how to videos I have used. The products are worth every penny I've paid and the membership is outstanding! So much information and Woody and Ninya are always so helpful! Love this group almost as much as my husband! LOL


Kim Booth  I just joined about 3 weeks ago and am just getting into some of the lessons and tutorials, but I can already see where the information, training, freebies, discounts and feedback from the Facebook group will be invaluable to me as I grow my business. Don't get me wrong, it's not plug'n'play (I wish!), but it's led me to take my first steps into Photoshop - I was a diehard Lightroom user - and so far I haven't crashed and burned!

Kim Green-Smoot I must say that this has been the best $37.00 that I've invested. I was so impressed when I needed help with a photo...Woody Walters said "here's my number, give me a call and I'll help you"...Wow! That blew me away, he took the time to help me. The videos with the step by step instructions are wonderful. If you're like me and trying to start a photograpy business, this is the place you want to be! Being in this group, I thought at first it was going to be a little intimidating after seeing all of the wonderful photos. I've since thought, no I'm learning for some of the best photographers.

Connie Fore If it wasn't for Woody Walters I wouldn't be where I'm at today - making a lot of money! He has taught me so much about how to take my photographs to the next level and in today's world you need that. You have to be able to offer your clients something they can't get off their cell phones these days. The monthly fee is worth every penny just to be able to continue learning from this Photoshop Master. Trust me you won't be disappointed!

Craig Koepke  I would just like to make a comment or two on what I believe the benefits of joining Woody Walters secret group has done for me. First off I am a rank amateur. I don't know Photoshop that well but I can get my way around in it. Woody and Ninya with their how to videos make it so simple that when I did my first portrait of my grandkids using their methods my wife was simply amazed! She could not believe that I had done that and quite frankly I was kind of amazed myself. The cost of $37 per month is nothing in comparison to what you receive in instruction. I am about to retire from my job and I'm looking for something to do for additional income. I love pets and I love dogs. I'm thinking of going into business as a pet photographer. My neighbor has a beautiful dog and one day while my little buddy stood on his side of the electric fence I took some shots of him and then came in and followed the instruction provided in the Painted Pets Instant Paintings that I had purchased. I thought the neighbor lady might be at least appreciative of what I had done but she was elated with the outcome! She showed some her friends the picture of her dog's portrait to several of her friends and of those friends two called me to take pictures of their dogs and to produce similar results. Well not even technically in business yet the door opened wide. I could not have done this without what I've learned from joining Woody Walters Secret Group. To me it's like being back in school taking a course that I thoroughly enjoy. Thanks Woody and Ninya for the great instruction and the fellowship this group provides with people of similar interests.