Create What They Cannot: Complete Guide to Creating Photoshop Montages



This collection features close to six hours of downloadable MP4 step by step instructional video.   This is the complete guide to creating photoshop montages because it walks you through everything, from how to make detailed selections, to how set up your preferences, how to mask and layer them together and how to pull it together with manipulating lighting.  It is all here!  Every ounce of Woody's extensive 20 years of know how in montaging is now available to you to learn at your own pace.  This serves any level photographer.  He's included the What You Should Know section for those who are brand new to photoshop. Almost 6 hours of instruction. 


  • Complete Instructions for Beginners:  What You Should Know Before You Start Montaging

  • Almost an Hour of A Ballet Dancer Montage

  • Woody's Signature 20 Minute Transformation using his custom brushes as shown on his 2013 tour

  • Woody's style of multiple image montaging featuring a football player

  • And 2 hours extremely advanced class creating one of his multi-layered  photo realistic composites.  

  • 1 transparent football sports ball background that has pre masked and applied brushwork.

  • Also includes a set of 10 brushes for you to try 

  • 2 sun flares

  • All the original images as jpegs and the psd of the fighters for the photorealistic sequence.

We don’t need to tell you that as studio owners in 2016 we have been faced with incredible advances in technology, so much so that the general public is not just looking for something that is “good enough.” New photographers are popping up all over the place, willing to almost work for free. What can you do about that to sustain your business? The business that you worked so hard for, sacrificed so much time and energy for. The ONLY solution is to set your self apart and be thought of as an artist. Art can be sold at any price and people are always willing to pay for something that is special and unique. Do the exact opposite of what all the others are doing, learn flash photography, create something that is way beyond what the typical person can create and you will be set free. For us at w gallerie, our portrait studio, the answer was to only photograph 50 seniors each year, but to do those 50 sessions in such an incredible way that people couldn’t help but invest money in our photography. The Senior montages have become one of the cornerstones to our business. Woody Walters, has been creating photoshop montages for over 20 years. He pioneered a style of imaging that is so complex and strong using multiple layers and advanced blending techniques. He’s taught digital imaging at one of the foremost photography schools in the country for 9 years. Drawing from his experiences in the classroom, Woody has put together the most detailed educational products he’s ever made available for those who want to learn how to montage with adobe photoshop.

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