Texture FX Brush and Action Set


Texture FX Brush and Action Set


  • 46 Dynamic Brushes
  • 13 Actions

Quickly and easily create stunning textures, effects, and clipping paths.

The Dynamic Brush set features 46 Brush in 5 brush types :

  • Large Texture Fills for masking and texture
  • Fun Texture Fills for creative masking and textures
  • Shading and Sketches for grunge and drawn effects
  • Brushstrokes for specific textures
  • Patchwork for authentic brushwork

Each brush is dynamic. So it will change size, color, and rotation with every brush click.  You can also paint with them and have them randomly and cover large areas quickly.  (Works with Create Cloud, Old Photoshop Versions, and Photoshop Elements).

The Texture FX Action set features 13 Actions:

  • Magic Background Texture (1 click background texture) - Requires Photoshop CC
  • Painted Texture (Convert your image to a painting with 1 click) - Requires Photoshop CC
  • Broad Strokes (random strokes on over your image)
  • Textured Vignette (brushstroke Vignette) - Requires Photoshop CC
  • Subtle Texture (applies texture subtly)
  • Texture Highlights (applies texture to highlights only)
  • Texture Shadows (applies texture to shadows only)
  • High Key Texture (creates light texture)
  • Low Key Texture (creates dark texture)
  • Perfect Texture Color (texturize with a harmonious color)
  • Complimentary Texture Color - Light (texturize with a light complimentary color)
  • Complimentary Texture Color -Dark (texturize with a dark complementary color)
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