Smoke Trails Brushes


Set of 20 Photoshop Brushes to create cool smoke effects for seniors and montages.  Works with Photoshop CC, CS, and Elements.  This set is linear in it's design so it works perfectly in sports montages where you want to make it look like your subject is running away or show directional flow.  You can also warp these for a completely different look.  This is the first set of smoke brushes created in the 5000 pixel version and is a great set of brushes to start with if you are just getting started with our techniques.  

These Brushes are available in 2500 pixels for CS5 and lower and 5000 pixels for CS6 and higher.  Also included is the jpegs of the brush design so you can use in other imaging programs or if you have an incompatible version of photoshop.  Simply watch this video to create a set of brushes to work with your version of photoshop.  

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PLEASE NOTE: Video shows Smoke Volume 1 and the Introductory Price has Expired on those. But these techniques are the same with any smoke brushes.

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