Fog Brushes


Set of 27 Photoshop Brushes to create a custom dreamy, moody look for your images. Works with Photoshop CS and Elements.

These brushes are being offered in two versions.  One version is a max of 2500 pixels for Photoshop CS5 and lower.  The Photoshop CS6 version has a max of 5000 pixels.  You do not need to download both versions of the brushes.  Please note that the CS6 Version WILL ONLY work in CS6 and the CC.



    • Set of 27 Photoshop Brushes in 5000 pixels and 2500 pixels
    • Jpegs of all brush files so you can create a brush for use in other imaging programs.
    • Over 25 Minutes of How to Video as our free gift to you.  


Click here to see our Fog Collection: The Complete Kit


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