Photoshop Brushes Organization: The Holy Grail of Brush Organization

After many requests to label our brush sets, Woody and I are thrilled to tell you all the major brush sets have been labeled and renamed and organized to make using them easier and faster.  We've spent hours doing all the work for you.  Now you will be able to tell where they start, 

So you now have a choice to make:

1. You can watch the video below to learn how to do this yourself, it's a pretty simple process and some people asked for this option.  Just follow the video instructions below.  

2. You can re-download, unzip and install the brushes that we have done for you.    You will need to redownload from the update links we sent via email on 4/3/2015.  You will need to delete the old set of brushes so you don't have duplicates in the preset manager.  

We've tried to cover all the bases and to make everyone happy.  So pick the option that suits you best.

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