Terms of Use

Terms of Use for All Products Purchased from Woody Walters Digital Photo Candy


Use your purchased downloads in whole or in part to create images/photographs for yourself and for your OWN photography clients for your OWN photography studio. Your purchase allows the use of our tools in the creation of art for ONE STUDIO.

Digital files using our design elements must be flattened before given to your photography clients if files are part of the products you offer.


Modify or change and resell in part or whole of any of our brushes, backgrounds, overlays, and digital elements.  

You may not resell anything to any other entity as a digital element or imaging tool or claim it as your own, either as is or modified or derived from our works.

Please contact us if you are a lab, retoucher, or other imaging professional wishing to use our tools to create art/montages/or other photographic products for more than one studio.  You will need a commercial imaging for hire license.  

All brushes and backgrounds are property of Wooya Inc. and have been registered with the US Copyright Office.  All rights reserved 2015.  

Each offense is punishable by a $30,000 fine per incident.

Just do the right thing.

We appreciate links and shout outs when you post our images to social media.