How to use the Loyalty Program

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Quick facts about the new loyalty program.

  • You need to have an account on this site to get enrolled in the program.  Having an account on our paid subscription website is not enough.  You CAN set up the login and password to be the same for both sites and we really recommend you do that to cut down on confusion.
  • GO HERE TO CREATE AN ACCOUNT FOR New Accounts Only, Please Do Not Duplicate
  • If you are new and are placing an order for the first time, make it easy on yourself and opt to set up an account during the checkout process.  This will streamline the entire process for you.
  • Discounts Automatically Begin After you spend $50 with us.  As you spend more, you get an even better discount all the way up to 40% off at the highest level.  If you joined Inside Woody's World or 15 Minute Makeover you start saving right away.  Allow 24 hours for your invitation to activate your account, since this is done manually.
  • You MUST click the link to activate your account, in the email that is sent.  There is no way around this.  
  • You must be logged in to your account to see & get the discount.  If you check out without logging in, you will pay full price.
  • Your discount will automatically change to the next tier when you hit the spending threshold.
  • Only orders placed through the shopping cart of this site will appear in your account.  Your subscription or other items ordered over the phone will not appear on your account.  However WE WILL MANUALLY ADJUST your account to reflect the total amount you have spent so you get the discount for the full amount you have spent with us on both sites. 
  • The discounts are on everything on this site.  WE MEAN EVERYTHING ON THIS SITE.
  • All other past subscriber discount codes will NO LONGER WORK, this program replaces the need to have pages of secret codes and makes it easier on you.

SUPER IMPORTANT: If you have a PAID SUBSCRIPTION (to 15 Minute Makeover and/or Inside Woody's World) you will need 2 log in's. ONE TO SEE AND DOWNLOAD YOUR SUBSCRIPTION MATERIALS AND ONE FOR THIS SITE TO GET YOUR LOYALTY DISCOUNT. These 2 sites are totally separate from each other, that is why they each have their own log in.  Save yourself some time & frustration and set up both accounts with the same email and password.


(One account is needed for the subscription site and one is needed for the store site for members only pricing), please note you can set it up so the login and passwords are the same for both sites, and we would recommend that you do that, since it will cut down on any your confusion.

That's IT! Please let us know if you need anything. A major transition on any website is a little scary and we don't want to see anyone fall through the cracks. We think that this is a huge positive change that will make it easier for you and save you time and money. We know, both of those are in short supply these days, and we don't want to waste any of yours!