How to Create Soft Paintings Instantly in Photoshop and Customize with Photoshop Brushes



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Super fast, super fun!
Such an awesome product! It could not be easier—literally drop your photo in, play a little, and voila! The instructions are very clear and the possibilities are endless! I hope to make several of these this year, print them on canvas, and give them as Christmas gifts! Whether you are a beginner or an advanced Photoshop user, you will enjoy using

these templates over and over! Worth EVERY penny!

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Beautiful Overlay Frames!
I have been using these for a few weeks now and am about to do a mini-event which will showcase them! The response has been wonderful! Thanks Woody for another great product!


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Instant Paintings: Photoshop Backgrounds
I love how quickly and easily they turn a regular image into something that looks so artistic. I like the variety of PSDs because, so far, I have found something that works for every image I have tried. I had considered trying to figure out how to make my own, but just didn't have the time. For the price, they were well worth every penny!



Video Transcription
How to Create Soft Paintings Instantly in Photoshop and Customize with Photoshop Brushes

Welcome to, I am Ninya Walters and today I want to show you just how easy it is to create a soft powdery painted effects with an image using the Instant Paintings Collection. So let’s get started.
Instant Paintings is a set of 5 photoshop backgrounds that are layered. And I have already pre done a lot of the work for you. So you can use them as is, or you can use them as a jumping off point and customize them endlessly so that they can fit any image that you would like to place in them. So it is a set of five very different, really interesting painted effects that kind of disintegrate into this powder effect which is just really cool. It is just a fun way to really get a painted effect in just a short amount of time.
So today I[K1] am going to show you the flexibility. We’re working with this actual background and were going to show you just how different it is when you make a few little tweaks to it. So what I’ve got here is the actual background and this is how it looks in photoshop. And you can see we have a red guide layer here, we have the clipping mask layer, and then we have three layers with powder effects that we can change as we need to.

The first thing I want to do is change the orientation of it because I have a horizontal image to work with. So I am going to go to image, image rotation, and I am actually going to have it turn clockwise 90 degrees. So I am going to click on that and let that do it work. And then I am going to go over to my image. And I am going to grab my image of the kids. I want to make sure that I am in the move tool, so I am going to click on that to make it active. The all I do is left click on the image, drag it, and drop it on the background and release. And now let me minimize this picture here because we are all done with that. And then what I want to do is make sure that I drag this layer so that it is under the red guide layer. I am `just holding down the left mouse button, clicking on the layer, and dragging it until you see the double line and then letting go. And you will see that it is automatically forcing it into this shape. You want to see this little downward facing arrow because that means it is clipping it into the clipping mask.

Now I am still in the move tool as you can see over here. And I’m just going to adjust the image by pulling it up and placing it where I want it to be. And this is looking pretty good actually, right about there. Now there are a couple of issues that I want to deal with right away. Now you see the bottom of the frame is right here. So we are going to have to adjust our mask for that. And also when I zoom in by pressing control + spacebar + and clicking, if you’re on a MAC it would be command + spacebar + click, you can see that there are some effects coming through on his face and into the elbow. Sometimes coming into the elbow is okay, but I always want to make sure that the face is very pronounced in my images so that Mom doesn’t have a problem with that. So there is a really easy way to adjust that.
The first thing I want to address is the face area on the boy. So I am going to go to my clipping mask layer and click on that to make it active. And I need to paint directly on this surface here. And it doesn’t matter what color I am in, I could use any color that I wanted. I am going to bring my flow rate down, probably about 50%, anywhere between 35% and 50% because that gives you a lot more control. And then I am going to use the bracket keys to make my brush smaller. I am going to use the left bracket key to make it smaller. The right bracket key makes it bigger. Then what I am doing is I am just kind of painting and rubbing the mouse over this here. Now let me bring my flow rate down a little bit more, I want to have a lot of control. And I am just coming in here and I am going ahead and just hitting those areas that I want the skin tone to come through a little bit better. You don’t ever want it to look like the kids are suffering from a disease while they are being photographed and put into these backgrounds. Okay, so I am pretty happy with that and you can see that it does change the mask. Now I want to caution you, do not save this on top of itself because you have altered the mask. You will want to save it as a copy so that you can get back to the original should you need to do that.

Now the other layers in this order are a green powder layer, a pink powder layer, and another pink powder layer. And we do want to change the colors of the powder effects. But first, let’s adjust down in here and get rid of this straight line that is in our image. We definitely don’t want to deal with that. So we are going to go to our clipping mask layer one more time. And this time we are going to get rid of this straight line, we are going to add a layers mask. So we are going to click on the layers mask icon, and then we are going to go to our paintbrush tool. And I highly recommend using a powder brush or something that has that same kind of effect because it will be the most forgiving and it will look the best with your image. You could use just a soft round brush like we did on the faces, but you can see as I do that that it erases a lot of the effects. Let me hit Control + Z to undo that. And now I am going to back into my paintbrush tool and then I am going to click here so that I can choose one of the powder brushes. I am going to go with this one. It is from the Powder/Flour brushes Volume 1 collection, brush number 49. We are going to change the flow rate up quite a bit, because these are very transparent. So I am going to go up to about 70% - 75% on the flow rate. What I am going to do is paint black on my mask. Now you want to make sure that you see these little corners here because that means that you are on the mask layer. And then all I am doing is just clicking these areas with the line, and you will see that it is giving me a powder effect at the bottom.
Now the last things that I want to do is to change the pink powder to go with my image a little bit more. So I am going to click on one of the pink powder layers. And I am going to go Layer, layer style, and color overlay. It is going to default to red, and what I am going to do is click this little red box here. And I am going to pull a color from her shirt and give it more of a blue look. I will do this by clicking on her shirt. So now I am going to click okay, and okay one more time, and that changed the color of that layer. Now I need to change this final pink layer here. So I am going to click on that, and I am going to repeat the process. I will go layer, layer style, and color overlay. And this time I am going to go with some of the green tones. So I will click on my red box one more time, and this time I am going to sample a green shade from my image over here. Let’s get something with a little more brown in it, so it kind of has a lime green tone to it. Now I am going to click okay, and click okay. Great.

Now I am going to zoom out. So I will press Alt + Spacebar + Click. If you are on a MAC you will press Option + Spacebar + Click. And I think I am going to add a little more to his head here so his hair doesn’t disintegrate so much. So I am going to go to the mask layer, and I am going to go right on the layer. You do not want to be on the layers mask, you want to be on the clipping mask layer. And then what I am going to do is just right over here. I am going to bring my flow rate down, I still have my soft powdery brush, and I am just going to click one time. You see how much that made a difference, and how it really helps his head and face to pop just a little bit more.

Now you can continue to go in here and modify this. You can modify the clipping mask, or you can go back to the layers mask and start to change the way that this looks. You can change the mask, you can add a layers mask to this. You can bring down this layers a bit if you felt like it was too much. There are just so many options with the way that these are set up for you. You could click on this layer and add another layers mask and then you could continue to modify and change it so that it really fits your image.
Now let’s get the blue right here. And I am just cleaning up those little areas and going over it just a little bit. Let’s do one more layers mask here and bring it in just a little bit. So now you can see with just a few clicks of a mouse, we completely changed how this image looked. We took this background with clipping mask here and in just a few minutes with a few little tweaks, we were able to completely change it to fit the image here. And I just think it really has a lot of impact.

So I hope you can see how flexible these backgrounds are. We are getting so much feedback from you guys that you are loving these backgrounds because they are so fast, and so easy, and you can modify them to fit just about any image. I hope this video shows you how easy and customizable these backgrounds really are. You are letting us know how much you are enjoy working with them and how it gives your clients such a special effects to their images, and how they allow you to really create something special for your customers. So make sure, if you haven’t picked these up yet, that you use the discount code on this page because that is only going to be available for a limited time. We know that you will be able to use these and hit the ground running super quick, and start making money with this type of custom look. So until next time, we are going to tell you to Shoot from the Heart and Shoot with Passion and we will see you at