Photoshop Tip of the Week

How to Use the Mixer Brush

Learn how to use the mixer brush in Photoshop CC.  

Color to Black and White Conversion in Adobe Camera Raw CC 2019

Woody uses Camera Raw to convert an image from Color to Black and White  

Color Adjustment Masks

Hone your color by using color adjustment masks.  

Color Balance Vs Color Overlay in Photoshop CC.

A look at how Woody uses Color Overlays and Color Balance to add tones and color harmony to an image.  

How to Use the Particle Brushes

Photographers ask us all the time, where should I start if I want to start unleashing my creativity on Photoshop?  Hands down the particle brushes ...

The Little Things that Make a Huge Difference in Photoshop

The little things Woody does to pull an image together.     

Brushes and Masking Part 2

Part 2 from BACKGROUND COLOR. See how Woody completes his images using brush and masking techniques.     

Paint on Paint

Paint on Paint in Photoshop - Woody Walters  Learn how to blend images together for a painterly feel.  

Background Colors (Part 1)

  See how Woody uses color harmony in his backgrounds to enhance images.   

Changing Tonal Values with Fog

Learn how to change tonal values with fog in photoshop.  

How to Add Fog To Landscapes

Learn how to add fog to landscape photos after capture in photoshop.  

Image Size

See the importance of having the correct image size (and what size Woody uses).