Photoshop Tip of the Week

Changing Tonal Values with Fog

Learn how to change tonal values with fog in photoshop.  

How to Add Fog To Landscapes

Learn how to add fog to landscape photos after capture in photoshop.  

Image Size

See the importance of having the correct image size (and what size Woody uses).  

Blending for Depth in Your Composites

How to give your Photoshop composites the illusion of depth.    

Color Overlay

How to use color overlay in photoshop to create a mood for your composites.  

Types of Masking Brushes Used in Composites

Learn how to mask using photoshop brushes to create dynamic sports composites.    

Customize Your Tools in Photoshop CC

Learn how to Customize Your Tools for Faster Photoshop Workflow  

Brush Jitter: How to Get Randomness in Brush Strokes

How to adjust brush jitter for random strokes in Photoshop.   Click Here to Shop our Premium Photoshop Brushes.      

How to Create Liquid Borders for Edge Effects in Photoshop CC

Learn how to create edge effects with the liquid brushes in Photoshop CC. GET THE LIQUID BRUSHES FEATURED ON THIS VIDEO.

Custom Selections

Learn how to create custom selections in Photoshop CC.

How to Create Shattered Glass Sports Effects in Photoshop

Learn how to create shattered effects for your sports composites. CLICK HERE If You Love our Tips and You're Ready to Take the Next Step!     ...

Room to Breathe: Photoshop Composites Tip

Watch this photoshop video tutorial to learn how to give your subjects room to breathe for strong photoshop composites. CLICK HERE If You Love our...