Successful Small Town Wedding Photographer


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Learn the ins and outs of what it takes to build a successful wedding photography business in small town America.  Learn how to thrive in an area who is 2 hours away from the city.  We teach you how to sell it to your client, how structure your prices and packages and how to use the digital files as an incentive to get your customer to spend the amount of money you need to be successful in your business.  This is over 20 years worth of wedding photography practical skills available for you to instantly download to your brain.  This course will pay for itself ENTIRELY from the proceeds of booking one wedding.   THIS IS A FREE BONUS WITH YOUR SUBSCRIPTION TO WOODY'S INNER CIRCLE.  CLICK HERE TO LEARN ABOUT THE INNER CIRCLE.

We Show You Exactly How To:

  • Add drama to outdoor photos with sky drop ins
  • How to make the image stronger by removing background distractions
  • Make arms slimmer in a strap on dress
  • Close Up Easy Beauty Retouch
  • How to retouch older brides so they look natural and beautiful
  • How to protect yourself  AND YOUR TIME with our contract
  • How to set up your prices and packages to make this year your most profitable yet
  • How to create easy beautiful albums in photoshop in record time
  • How to walk a client through an in person meeting and get those weddings booked
  • What to say to a bride that is on the fence to get them to make a decision
  • How to get the average sale you want using our digital negative incentive program

We Give You:

  • Set of 13 actions to recreate our best selling looks
  • Sample Images to work along side the educational videos
  • mp4 how to videos that work on almost any device.  These videos cover editing techniques, album design, and walking you through the process from the initial phone call to booking the wedding.  Over 2 hours of content!
  • Our contract as a word document you can edit to fit your own needs
  • Our Layered .psd Investment Guide Card that you can customize to fit your needs.
  • A detailed Social Media and Blogging Action Plan. (PDF)
  • 2 Pinterest Templates to Help Your Images Have a Better Chance of Being Re-pinned
  • A secret about facebook groups you might not know.

Please Note: This bundle DOES NOT include lighting or shooting videos.  




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