Flat Photo Paper Style Grad Cards Volume 1


This is a set of 5 Graduation Announcements photo card style for printing from virtually any lab.

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Fonts used:

Century Gothic, Underwood Champion, Roskrift Clean, Modern NO 20, Before the Rain, Simply*Glamorous, Trajan Pro, Bookman Old Style, Bickham Script Pro

The fonts shown are not included.  If you do not have them installed on your computer, you will need to google them, and then download and install on your computer.  You may or may not need to pay for commercial usage.  Please check with the font creator for permission and exclusions.

The Tpk File is included for easy insertion into ProSelect.  Please contact ProSelect for specific questions reguarding their software.  We use it, but are definitely not experts.  Some cards will need to be tweaked in photoshop if they appear to overlap.  ProSelect Version 2011 r1 was used to create the TPK file.

 Photos by Sackett Photography

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